Induur's story

Devinder Kumar

Devinder was born and raised in Chandigarh in northern India. Having started his professional career with a degree and a job as a pharmacist, Devinder decided that food, his original passion, could be as an effective tool in providing health to one’s body and soul as the prescriptions he was filling. With this realization in mind,


Devinder decided to pursue his passion and took a job in his family’s restaurant. An entrepreneur at heart, Devinder went on to start three successful restaurants of his own before becoming a chef for Stanford Dining. In his fourteen years as a chef, Devinder has developed expertise in both getting restaurants off the ground and in building successful management teams.

He combines his knowledge of food and medicine to create enticing dishes that are nutritionally balanced. Of his culinary perspective, he says, “I understand how food functions in the kitchen as well as in the body, and I bring this intention to my menu.” 

  • Contemporary Indian concept

  • Strategic menu design and execution

  • Create fiscally responsible diverse food programs

  • Staff management and development

  • Concept development and implementation

  • Cycle menu expansion

  • Recipe ideation, allergen identification, Sustainable and fiscally responsible buying


  • large scale production, special event menu planning, ordering system implementation 

  • Develop and facilitate employee training program

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