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Our inspiration for Induur Culinary consulting is very simple. A true passion for food that explores innovation at the intersection of authentic Indian flavors and the fresh sensibilities of ingredients to satisfy the palate of our individual customers. 
Furthermore, our inspiration is to break the complexity of Indian cuisine execution or doing Indian food better into a simple delicious cuisine. Our concept is mainly focused on deliciousness, plant-forward, bold flavors, and current market trend, which can easily execute without compromising its authenticity with the Induur All in One Curry Sauce and Culinary training. Indian cuisine is one of the fastest-growing culinary trends and we believe there is more to explore and showcase. Because of the diversity and the amazing flavors of Indian Cuisine, we can custom tailor our concept to individual needs. 
“Authentic” does not necessarily mean traditional, however, and in Induur's case authenticity is achieved by remixing tradition, taking creative risks, and telling real stories about the food.

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